I'm passionate about mathematics and how it connects to real life. I am working as a fellow in the statistics section, mathematics department at Imperial College London since May 2018.
My research areas include biostatistics, metabolomics, genomics, data integration bayesian and bayesian nonparametric inference.
My teaching activities mainly comprise teaching Statistical and Mathematical modeling (MSc in Environmental engineering and hydrology) Graphical Models (MSc in statistics) amongst other teaching duties.
In my PhD, I looked into complex models for integration of different omics data types. I was supervised by Korbinian Strimmer (Epidemiology and Biostatistics), Robert Glen and Elaine Holmes (Computational and Systems Medicine).
I hold an MSc and MEng in Applied Mathematics from the French Grande Ecole ENSIMAG. Before coming to the UK, I worked on parallelizing mathematical models in thermohydraulics of nuclear reactors.

I'm originally from Tunis,Tunisia. I had spent my high school years in Sadiki School(1875) which is taken in the background picture. If you like it, do not hesitate! Go and visit my country!